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Best Music Quotes for Music Lovers

Music hunting hatred in those who are without love. It gives peace to those who are restless, she console those who weep.

Music gives a soul to our hearts and wings to the mind.

Those who enjoy walking in rows with music: it can only be by mistake that they have received a brain, a spinal cord them ample enough.

If you want to know a people, we must listen to his music.

Life without music is simply a mistake, fatigue, exile.


Music is the vapor of art. It is poetry that reverie is thought that the fluid is liquid, that is the ocean of clouds in the ocean waves.

If music is so dear to us is that it is the most profound words of the soul, harmonious cry of joy and sorrow.

I like friends as I like the music when I’m in the mood; but such freedom sometimes pay a certain loneliness.

The policy can be enhanced by the music, but the music has a power that defies politics.

You’re wrong, that’s what’s great about the true friends. They’re not your family, they accept you as you are.


Song Quotes

But what weighs most in your life, what are some things that you have known. Books, music, it’s different. For enriching they are, they are never as.

For me, art, music mainly consists in raising us as far as possible above what is.

For me, art, music mainly consists in happy us as far as possible above what is.

Only works of culture do not pass. Hence my love of art. Music, architecture Are not the forces that lead the way to the rising humanity? When I hear Wagner, I seem to perceive the pace of the previous world.

I have never been less interested in what I was doing in the ’80s I had completely deserted my music.


Surprisingly it was at this time that I had my biggest hit with Let’s dance. For the first time, I belonged to the public and I did not know what to do. Give them what they asked or resist them.

Started at four, the Twilight of the Gods does not end until ten and holds the viewer’s attention on the alert until the last minute.

It is impossible to give any idea of such music: it is like no other. The music triple the intensity of feelings,the characters are animated, this is all we can say to those who have not heard.

Is it enough to love if one does not know to love in all the poetry and all the music of heaven and earth.

Influence someone is stealing his soul. It becomes the echo of the music of another.


For me music is the ultimate aspiration of language. It allows us to humans approach God, for it shows beyond life.

She was like a DJ between two pieces of music: terrified silence.

He spent his days at the piano and when the music stopped, the silence seemed to me, of all the works of Chopin that I knew, the more heartbreaking.

Music is the verb of Germany. The German people, if compressed as a people, as if emancipated thinker, sings with a dark love.

Sing, it sounds like deliverance. What can not be said and what can not be silent, the music expresses. Also throughout Germany Is music until she’s freedom.

Music Quote


The music that we pass the word, is the vapor of art.

It is poetry that reverie is thought that the fluid is liquid, that is the ocean of clouds in the ocean waves.

Good music is not mistaken, and goes straight to the bottom of the soul searching grief that devours us.

A heart perfectly right does not admit more accommodation in a moral right ear admits music.

It no longer enjoys the music, we swallow!

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The purpose of music is to imitate nature, he felt. No, not the mountains, streams and trees, but human nature. Emotional life. The emotional.

Music is the arithmetic secret of the soul.

It’s funny to see. He has the air of a man who, unable to play a tune, blowing a trumpet loudly in the hope that in a minute, it will become music.

The music, a universal language that everyone appropriates in granting the colors of his soul, without distorting its beauty.

Why declaim against the passions? They are not the only beautiful things he did there on the earth, the source of heroism, enthusiasm, poetry, music, arts, everything, in short?

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The music travels to us, it is a grace to be touched by it. I readily believe it softens our hearts and moods.

When he recounted something, he spoke of the past simple and the music of its conjugation bewitched me.

I try to make a comedy is a genre seriously done. For example, what I like the Holy Grail Monty Python is that it’s super serious.

They will certainly not budget but they have found the best possible settings and characters, the music is symphonic, chivalrous epic.

They guys messing around in a very serious world. That’s what I tried to do with Kaamelott.

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The worst gregarious institutions is named the army. I hate her. If a man can feel some pleasure to march in rank to a music sounds, I despise this man.

He does not deserve a human brain since the spinal cord satisfied. We should disappear as soon as possible this civilization cancer.

Because playing the bass, it’s a straightforward matter of strength, AA basically has nothing to do with music.

Generally, compose a piece is to listen to the music that was in itself.

There was a composer whose music always made her heart beat.

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This music sometimes looked like small pieces of colored crystal and sometimes it was the sweetest thing, the saddest that one could imagine.

There’s music in the sighing of a reed; there is music in the murmur of a brook.

There is music in everything, we lack that ear: our earth is but an echo of the spheres.

You know that love, there are ups and downs. sometimes it is harmony, sometimes, the cacophony, as in music.

This is the joke like music more we hear, the more tones to be high.

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The Champs Elysees, or you play other than to soft music, or you get killed.

And in other places, in general, if you play something other than sambas, you get killed. There remains little as Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

Hate is a feeling I do not know. Hate is for those who do not understand.

I think I understand it. It is only sfumato, as one would say of a piece of music that is too soft finish fainting.

The music at this point of perfection has the strange power to empty both of anything else that falls under the senses and everything seemed to you take the head and the heart.

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Music has seven letters, writing twenty five notes.

What would Heisenberg? What would Niels Bohr? Take the field, think about walking in the countryside, listening to music.

The new never happens intrapolation by the former.

And every silence is music to the state of gestation.

We were in love with the music for what it was, but for what it represented – a moment of our existence where we had ceased to be nothing more than a two.

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I resolved to never pay a penny for a piece of music.

That’s what I learned myself. The earth is too great boat for me. This is too long trip.

Too beautiful woman. Too much perfume. A music that I can not play.

No true music that makes us feel the time.

Music is a ritual dance with guitars around airiness percussion and bass duo / battery, zebra lightning sax or trumpet.

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Music is mysterious that for people who demand an explanation.

Music and love: no difference.

Sometimes love is shared. And one can build his own world.

Sometimes love, the same words of love are impossible.

And life remains this idiotic voyage full of schedules and false friends. And even the music is cruelty.

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Certain privileged beings give happiness by their presence, by the music of their voice, the touch of their eyes, the harmony of their actions.

The world is like: there are those that make the legend, and those who make a racket as all other music in their failed.

The music is proof that we are able to continue to love after all, share the same emotion.

Be ourselves fabulous emotion, healthy, beautiful as a dream gushing in the heart of the night.

If music be the food of love, Play again, give me to excess So that my hunger fed her languish and die.

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As far as literature, music can determine an upheaval, emotional upset, sadness or absolute ecstasy.

As well as literature, painting may generate a wonder, a new outlook on the world.

But only music can give you this sensation of contact with another human mind.

I always thought that writing was close to music but much less pure than this.

The letters are musical notes that we do not know yet read.

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Life ? or Theater? is a conversation between sensations.

Painting, words and music as well. A union of the arts necessary to the healing of a damaged life. This is the obvious choice for the reconstruction of the past.

Everything was in French invention, strength, passion, eloquence, dream verve, color, spontaneous music, sense of large sets, all that best meets a word to the idea.

Religion, Love and Music are not the threefold expression of the same fact, the need for expansion which is worked every noble soul?

Flute: Musical instrument that has priority when it comes to the right.

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Love is like music.

Must find his instrument. Give me a Stradivarius and I did not shoot an audible sound, and ask you Pavarotti perform a drum solo, the result will be poor.

A melody is music because it is made with different notes, alternating soft sounds.

If our lives are only summed happy things, like the same sound repeated to infinity, what would the music of our lives?.

She sings when she comes in the morning, she sings in the shower, she sang by dressing to go out, she always sings.

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She is obsessed with celebrity and we too are obsessed with fame.we feel like it to become famous and it eventually plug the camp with his music or rather his voice.

The music is for the heart, while the writings are aimed at the intelligence; it shall immediately communicate its ideas to the way of incense.

Drinking while trying to avoid drunken Gness is disgraceful than listening to sacred music protecting themselves against the feeling of the sublime.

The main language of the poem, the song, the painting and sculpture is the language of survival.

Music has a power. No one today can say what its made down the walls of Jericho; but the men knew one day.

The first man who made a musical instrument and who gave this art its rules and laws, had listened long before the reeds whisper and sing warblers.


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